Ideation, Coding

Please note: February 15th is a holiday, so there will be no class or homework due. This homework is due Feb 22 at 3:59pm


  1. Review teaching team feedback on your 2 individual ideas in bcourses (to be posted within 2 days of due date) and then meet with your assigned team to brainstorm and broker two final team submissions. It may be the same or different than your individual ideas, and/or it could incorporate an expanded and fleshed out platform sponsor idea. Make sure it has a real world business context. Submit the 2 team ideas in the same format as before, following the slide template shown in class and including: 1. A problem you are trying to solve, 2. the solution (address how pain points are solved), 3. Intended market (who, where, and $), 4. How Web 3.0 / Blockchain / protocol enables this solution, makes it possible, or creates differentiation, 5. How the chosen protocol will enable it.  This is both an electronic submission to bcourses (2X5=10 slides) AND a possible 4 minute presentation in class (oral only, not using slides yet).
  2. Readings and Videos
  3. Venture Dojo Video on Preto- and PrototypingBlockchain at Berkeley video: Decentralized Finance: https://youtu.be/9jhms6BMXHQ

  4. Platform Setup Exercise
  5. Each sponsor has spent time to curate a guide to getting started on their platform. Please click on the link for your platform and complete the getting started guide!

    If you have technical questions, message in the #office_hours channel in Slack, or message in the platform channel (#algorand_foundation, #polkadot-web3foundation, #tezos_foundation), and the sponsor representative will answer your questions. The idea is to start playing with the tools and ecosystem, and make an effort to learn. This part of the homework is marked as complete/incomplete only.


Submit link to Github repo with code on bCourses